Philosophy behind the Lazy-Boy Jump Rope

That class takes place every Wednesday night at The Magic Hat in Washington, D.C.

The class was founded by former NBA player Rennis Dodman, who’s been doing jump rope for eight years. “It’s a great way to exercise, and it’s always been really popular,” says Dodman. He’s helped to build a new gym in Harlem called “Rocking Horse,” which will also be hosting jump rope classes.

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Jump rope is a sport which is growing in popularity; according to the Jump Rope Association, there are more than 1,500 people playing the sport in about 1,200 clubs around the world. “We’re starting to see the word ‘junk’ on the front of the jump ropes used to describe the equipment,” says Dodman. That was the first major hurdle for the Jump Rope Council, a nonprofit organization that was founded by Dodman to spread the word about jump rope. In order to create more awareness for the sport, the group started a new school in Harlem called Jump Rope Prep School. The school is open to anyone who likes jump rope.

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It’s a safe space for kids from 10-18 years old, and it provides lessons and a safe home away from home, says Dodman. “We just wanted to create a place where kids could actually participate, so kids just come to experience it. There’s a lot of different elements to the school, like the jumps and the ropeflow everyone is here to learn.